MollyGoLightly how come so many of these posts seem like things highschool seniors write in each other's yearbooks? 010726
dB How do you figure that? 010726
Aimee "hey fellow blatherer's!

I hope you have a bitchin' summer, but don't forget me in the next few years. College has always seemed so far away, but hey we'll get through it! Call me sometime!"

is that what you meant????
jem so what's the deal with homework?! its not like you're working on your home! 010726
black-dyed gel product and what's the deal with grape nuts? You open the box -- no grapes, no nuts! 010726
MollyGoLightly i meant:

poorly punctuated and wistful.

...not to even mention the spelling.
Dafremen Pardon my rerun, it seemed appropriate:


Stop! Come play with me awhile
And laugh again with a child's smile
For a little while with your child smile.

Remember when? Remember then?
We swung our legs, so blissful
Now just wistful now, just wistful now.

Mature, you sternly reprimand
How tall you are, all grown and proud
So serious I laugh out loud with my child's smile
Laugh out loud with my child smile.

I laugh for you, smile for you
I cried for you, what DIED in you?
I cry and smile with a child's smile
Weep and wait for you awhile
With your child's smile, your child smile
I weep and wait for your child smile.

Thank you for your kind indulgence.
We now return to your regularly scheduled blather.
Tari Perhaps blathers are wistful because wistful always seems like a nice soft fading periwinkle color. Just like the font of this site. 010916
unhinged that's why i try not to write so much here anymore; because it is all poorly punctuated and wistful. 011117
Arwyn is so difficult. You there. Me, here. Both of us all in, with our significant others and families.
And too proud and loyal to remove ourselves.
Let's not forget our happiness in our situations. We could be happy together, but we're happy where we are. I do wonder what could be. But I won't walk away from what is... it's too perfect and precious to me. But if things were different, I could love you and I would love you without abandon.
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