ivyducktwilightseto blather, the first place i learned to speak. a place where if I want to I can write POOP and it doesn't even occur to me that anyone else will read it, or consider what they will think about it. where it feels like I'm talking to everyone and no one and some sort of god that is there and not there all at once. Where a voice I never knew I had/always forget I have comes out. Where I've read some of the most casually genius writing/raw art/enlightening real-life tales and it all comes out in such a unique fashion I have yet to be affected in such a way by any other location on this waste heap of a technological behemoth known as the internet.

Where I'm truly afraid the fountain of curious inspired minds has dried up, and this messiah of language has become a thing of the past.

Blather you make me want to read every page of you. Blather you make me want to memorize the dictionary. Blather I love you and don't want you to go the way of the buffalo.
Blather help me help you.
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unhinged there is something to be said for what his rehab psychologist told him all those years ago, to write letters even if you'll never send them. that just in the writing, you can help yourself feel better.

i have always loved words. before i loved music, i loved books, stories. and i think the reason i love music so much is because it can tell the most powerful stories without words. but i have always loved words first.

blather is still my unsent_loveletters letters_unsent things_i_can't_say all the things i say to myself when i'm sitting on the toilet

and some of my best friends are skites.
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hsg "to write letters even if you'll never send them."

i've heard and read this to have helped many. Bl a th e r seems to be this for many... of_course my le_t_te_r_s are all ripped up.
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