deb do
he screamed
as she cried
in whispers
for her love
ached like
honey skin
meggie wax the way uh huh uh huh i like it uh huh uh huh wax the way uh huh uh huh i like it uh huh uh huh. candle wax? no no no billy, only sign language . sign language wax. 000302
MollyGoLightly wax lips are not for eating. wax lips are not for eating. wax lips are not for eating. 000515
Brad I felt the need to fix this. I found out that on this site, the word "crayons" hasn't been used even one time, save for the brief post i just put for that word. Situation rememdied. Oh yeah, crayons are made of wax. hehe. 000516
moonshine The days turn into eachother and back.Slowly melting into one another becoming one and undecipherable from the last time I saw you. 000710
grendel the maquette
with it's bits of hair and debris that an enemy had left behind

shaped from the half burnt candle

one way or another he will pay
Tank www.recordkingdom.com 000721
birdmad drip drip drip

ouch ouch ouch
twiggie little pools of wax in the bathtub. 010108
thea what girls do to their legs and upper lips and crotches so they won't be considered unnatural. it's really kind of odd when you think about it, that pulling your hair out at the root is more natural than having it. ah well.
maybe if i become a lesbian i won't have to wax my lip.
p2 solid
then liquid
and on my body
solid again
it sears my skin
i love it
the colorful collage
you drip onto my body
i grin at you
through my clenched teeth
it's beautiful
that thin line
between agony and ecstasy
is beautiful
you're beautiful
click like the lips we use to eat during carpool after kindergarten. 021025
Casey Please burn me...then maybe I can just melt away. 021026
what's it to you?
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