marmaduke Hello, marmaduke here: I am chairman and sole owner of the pro-marmaduke alliance and I would like to take some time to explain the ethos of the party. Our ideology could best be described as a cross between transvestitism and rowing.
We believe in tweed jackets and sometimes on very special occasions we get innapropriately drunk on chardonnay. We belive that any man from whose lips the melliflous honey of homer has never been pronounced is a philistine. In a world ruled by marmaduke, all such people shall be put to the sword. Who here likes champagne. I hear a metaphorical hooray from the hustings. Well my dear friends, under marmaduke we shall all sit scantily clad under the boughs of elms, reciting homer and sipping from each others goblets. Down with gangsta rap!. Down with trainers! Down with everything since Pericles. We shall have games, each year. The most supple of youths will delight us with their merry frolics in the ampitheatre. The world will envy us as the best of civilisations. Miltary service from five until thirty. There's nothing in this world a cold shower and the sight of a sculpted torso won't cure. Freedom of speech will become a quaint museum piece. We shall ridicule it the forum. Under marmaduke the barbarous dissonances of the people shall be drowned out by the sweet warble of the lute. And marmaduke will rule forever; strong and erect, the very simulacrum of an olympian god. We shall drink again at the fount of culture my friends!!!!!!, er, hello, are you still there, oh don't go, I did n't really mean all those things about the people. It is really lonely being me.
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mythopoiein the_death_of_marmaduke
for he is most certainly dead.

Sit on my face
and tell me that you love me
I'll sit on your face and tell you
I love you too.
I love to hear you moralise
When I am between your thighs
sit on my face
la la...
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