Dosquatch "Not now, Mommy's talking," he's told, and he shuffles off out of the room. He has no place amidst adults.

"Not now, I'm in the middle of the lecture." He shuffles out into the hall at the end of class, question unanswered. He has no voice in his own education.

"Not now, I'm going into a meeting," and he shuffles back to his cubicle where he does his best to appear busy. He holds no sway in the direction the corporate masters point the company.

"Not now, not now..."

He shuffles off his cage of skin and bone, unobserved, unlauded, unremarkably, and completely unnoticed.
shilohlives so quiet, another wasted night
the television steals the conversation,
Exhale, another wasted breath again I go unnoticed.
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nandita Today, for the first time, I notice that I'm feeling rather unnoticed by the world.

Stuck in my corner of the world, the country, the city, this new place where no one misses or knows or even thinks of me.
second-rank tensor field many times i ride the bus
to work
and back
and many times i sit
with no one
at my side.
the bus quickly fills up
in the rush hour.
to work
and back.
no one
takes the spot next to me.
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unhinged many times i ride the bus
to work
and back
and i cover the seat
splay my legs
so that someone won't even try
to take the seat next to me
i work second shift
the bus not often filled
when i ride

you said you would call back in ten minutes
but you never did
maybe because the tired sadness in my voice
when i answered your call, against all reason
didn't go unnoticed
and you decided to give me a break
i can't stop crying
barely holding it together
many times i ride the bus to work
and hide my sadness
behind big sunglasses

once again
i pour all my love into someone
and it goes unnoticed
or at least enough
for them to walk_away
unhinged .

(i spend yet another saturday night at home alone in my pajamas by 8)
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