Brad Gives me the blues. Curious how it only seems exciting until the reality of uprooting and leaving all of your friends behind is a week away and it becomes real. It's a kind of limbo, where nothing has any permanence. In the past week I have had long conversations with two people that i've barely spoken with before, and discovered that i could probably be great friends with both. There's no point, however. Why get to know someone only to leave them behind after a week? There are so many people that I like enough to not want to lose touch with, and yet dont know them well enough to send them letters. There are so many people that I know so well, letters hardly seem enough. Opportunities, roots. You know, when you come to a place where you know absolutely nobody, you learn to put down roots really fast, and you put down a lot. Yanking them up is no easier than when it took a lifetime to put them down. This place has become a major part of my life; it was here that I found who i truly am. And, by choice, I leave it behind... all of it, for greater musical opportunity. This is how i know that i really do love this more than anything else on earth. 000507
splinken one time we talked to each other while we were asleep--without opening our mouths or our eyes.

no, this is not a sappy metaphor for anything. stop that thought. now. i mean it.

i remember what we said and what he said, but he doesn't. it made me sad, see. it made me sniffle a little. and i decided then and there that i would pretend to be spooky. that i would pretend that i made the whole thing up.
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