burden *disclaimer* I don't know what this is, but I wrote it anyway.


certain things
waylaid, shrouded
an indirect guilt, but guilt nonetheless
things beyond my fingertips
except futility
hey, I'm human too
this shame, it's misdirected so
all signs point to some major fuckery
proclivity periphery a penchant for inward collapse
loneliness is a curious addiction
bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang my head against the wall all night desperately wanting to know and forget and neglect and rise and fall and grab and weep and scream and be
this odd dehumanization
when we're supposed to be finding ourselves, we only move further away than ever
and, yes, there is a point of no return
a place at which you either forget and accept, or remember and regret
I'll choose the latter
and damn the absence of sanity
this mindless, meandering quest for - what?
in your head
in your head
in your head
but not to quest would be not to live
but what is living anyway?
do your own goddamned thing
just keep the window cracked a tick
like a lonely duck in a field
sweetly ignorant of the rubbish thirty yards downwind
sometimes, I get this crazy naked feeling
almost gestation
and I compress and clench
perhaps a little squeal
then, the morning
and it was all for nothing
keeping you around wouldn't be fair
to other people
so, with a feather in my skull
and all the disappointment in the world traveling up and down the tenuous seams of my pocket
I ask you, cordially and earnestly,

to fuck off.
lurch ah yes, the thingy. we all have one. perhaps yours is bigger than mine. yet i sense it is not. bite mine nipple and face the backlash of my thrust upon your solid pantie, then we shall see who has the strongest thingy 040504
minnesota_chris we all have one. Except women, but they don't count. 040505
the duckling the duckling knows all about "thingys"

wow thats a huge thingy
what's it to you?
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