birdmad a nightclub/bar that once resided in the middle of the "old-town" section of scottsdale.

This and the Atomic Cafe were my favourite hangouts in the east valley, especially since Mill avenue started going "ghetto" and the college crowd from ASU was gradualy outnumbered by teenagers from the westside who began clogging up the roads and the Centerpoint...well, that and the alternating flow of gutterpunks and street-preachers

The Works, was actually written up as one of the best night-spots in the western US by Details (when they were worth the paper they were printed on) and also as one of the best dance clubs
in town by the local alternative tabloid
(who also rated it as one of the best gay bars as well)

The crowd at The Works was not strictly gay, though. It was the place for anyone with a wild streak to see and be seen, especially on sunday nights when the DJ and a couple of promoters regularly hosted an event called Sunday Mass (and in this town, to have anything going on for a sunday night was a pretty balls-out maneuver)

The deep mix of techno, house and all the emerging forms of electronica spinning on the wheel as they emerged.

At sunday mass, you could expect to be out on the floor 'til five AM, even though the alcohol stopped flowing at One, there was the Smart Bar

You could dance with anyone
and anyone would dance with you
and if you did show up for the Mass, you could guarantee that you would be out of most of your clothing before your night was through.

It all came to an anti-climactic end as the city of scottsdale caved to the pressure of some of its more well-heeled conservative residents and passed an ordinance that effectively put an end to after-hours clubs in the scottsdale area

and people wonder why there is no nightlife in the Phoenix metro area

Damn, i miss that place
sixfingers It sounds like that place was a lot of fun... it's a damn shame to get rid of a place like that... 030105
birds per minute oh, it was... i still miss it. crowbar wasn't bad while it lasted, but not as much fun as The Works.

If you're looking to hear a DJ on par with Oakenfold or Tiesto, Look for whatever you can find by Markus Schulz, he was the featured DJ at both places.
superleni when nightclubs and bars die ... they must go to nightclub heaven, where it's always night time, music fluctuates, peaks and ebbs, but never stops; dawn haunts the horizons once every twelve hours but never materialises to stab you in the eye ...

hangovers are hard but brief on cold concrete footpaths or wet grass ... just so you know how good you feel when you don't have one.
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