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The Difference
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deleted It is the difference that makes the difference !
03:20:07 I believe that the difference is sometimes not more
than a little good feeling in what your are doing.
03:19:04 I believe that the state of most power
is on the same level
than the state of the least power.
It is pure logic.
03:15:11 I believe there is an obligation for all
to live their life in steady awareness of the duty
to provide preserve and leave a world
in which children can grow up with dance an laughter
02:56:46 I belive that everybody who acts towards another
in terms of communication that destroys sense
lives in a state of ignorance.
02:55:57 I believe that communication that creates sense
makes the difference.
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dying embers The difference is the trouble that you go to so she cares
While I never made you because I was always there
The difference is you took for me for granted and tried to turn me into something niether of us wanted
The difference is you love her and you've never known her life
You knew heart and mind and you loved me but only for a little
The differnce is you'll stay up late to be with her awhile
You left me early in the evening protesting you were tired
I told you all my stories, and most of all my truths I gave you everything I ever thought important
You gave her you
You stole away your friendship leaving only lies
You gave her things you never thought to give to me
You took her out for dinner and not McDonalds either,
but shes' never had chinese food in bed
You took her to the movies and not because she asked
You wanted her to love you
but your love was all I ever asked
You said I was the one
Best Friends Forever...
Pinky Promise.

The difference is you don't care anymore. You say you love me still, but you never say you miss me. You say you care for me, but you never show the intrest. You stay up late for her, just to talk awile, but you always left me early, protesting you were tired.
Stealth Condom (they never see me coming) What's the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean?

Donald Trump has never had a garbanzo bean on his face
what's it to you?
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