sixteen There is a yellow stain
splayed across pages,
with shame.
There is a clock that ticks incessantly
through the dead still of every night,
there is a dripping faucet
that torments dreamers
with a deafening regularity to its timing.
For every second
there is a moment standing still
indefinitely capturing a memory.
Every unbearable silence
stands recorded,
hanging in the air somewhere.
every drum of the fingers
every tap of the foot
every impatient sigh
as time flies by.
birdmad like rivers thrugh sandstone,
wearing me down
screwing for virginity is time really moving, or is time just there and we move through it, or is it just a mute point? 030708
ferret very good question, time is an enigma, it could exist, but it doesn't really matter does it? it doesn't matter because at some point you will realize that life is nothing but a circle and a cirlce has no true purpose. so the purpose of life is to have no purpose? think about teachers, they go through school as kids and say "hmm, i want to edjucate kids when i grow up" so they use all that they know to edjucate the kids that go to their school and then some of them grow up to be teachers, think about it, the circle. teachers teach children and the children teach the children that they teach and so on and so on. at some point you begin to question

what are we all working towards?

right now the only thing that makes sense is, we all get super big weapons and blow each other back to the dark ages, it becomes a new circle, the world changes. perhaps instead of science this time we will interst ourselves in magic...
jane read slaughterhouse_five

we live in the past, the present, and the future

jane neither?

what's it to you?
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