distorted tendencies come back to me a while
change your style again
come back to me a while
change your taste in men
lulie ...
they're alittle salty
lost i think the reason anybody including my current girlfriend has every liked me is because they have bad taste. I accredit that bad taste to the internet. it seems like people that have seen my pic or know me from the internet think i am hot. well on the other hand i think they just have extremely bad taste 020219
bethany life is a banquet, and most poor fools are starving to death...LIVE...LIVE...
LIVE...and get every little morsel of every possible taste you can! YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY NUMMY NUMMS
unhinged i think i have 'asshole syndrome' when it comes to men. and women when i think about it. 020219
kuru I think it's pretty good overall.

But the exceptions have been doozies.
Syrope at one point i liked guys who were funny and laidback
but they were too busy goofing off to notice me

then i liked guys who were into fawning over me and worshipping me
but they wanted more committment than i was comfortable with, and turned into stalkers

then i liked guys who had problems. i was going to fix them...
but they were too far gone, and only let me believe that they cared about me, until it was time to choose

then i liked guys who were intellectual, pensive, and open minded
but by then i had discovered sex, and they weren't interested in that as much as i was

i look at the guys i like now...
intelligence X X X
sense of humor X
stability X X X
sexuality X X
...i can't win for losing...
...can't wait till this fall...
College boys :-D

its not like my tastes arent going to change a few more times anyway..
freakizh coincidence. i like placebo and i used the randomlinks tool. i landed on daria too. 020918
devalis I think everytime I date someone and then break up with them, I make sure, whether subconciously or conciously, that the next guy is almost completely opposite of the guy I broke up with. So it's never the same.

I like men. It helps if they have a good sense of humor and their priorities straigh.
distorted tendencies I stopped caring I just want to have fun.. Except with this one boy I've liked for four years.. But he just wants to have fun..

Karma is kicking me in the ass.
somebody im killing time on valentines. 030719
what's it to you?
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