IKC 56-80 so anyway, i am somewhat sans cat lately as Hooky decided she could no longer resist the urge to chase after that_bird_over_there last sunday

(i wasn't gonna let that happen, at least i tried)

anyway, as i was trying to fix the screen on my bedroom window where a dead branch had just missed breaking the glass, before i could stop her, Hooky bolted out.

I haven't been able to catch her, but i've seen her slinking around the trees around the neighborhood and there are always a few clumps of stray feathers appearing on the doorstep every morning except today when my mom freaked out to find a chewed up gopher head on the back porch by the door

she's always been a good mouser, so i guess i'm not surprised by her success as a killer, only by the fact that she doesn't seem to want to come back inside at all
ferret my cat doesn't like mice
she's afraid of birds
she eats bugs
she used to drink out of the toilet
tinkipper the latest weapon in the war to find
saddam's fishies of mass devestation
crimson My cat likes to watch the water in the toilet bowl be flushed down.

I used to call her a stealth ninja kitty.
sylphide my stealth kitty will suddenly have a keen eye for 'fun' and creep up behind me at my computer, claw his way up the back of it to swipe at my hair! Then run away with gee at my distress! grr! How I still love him so :) 031112
sylphide i meant, run away with glee rather.
Way to proof read! :)
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