Tess i close my eyes and notice clear fuzziness.
i open my eyes and see filmed fuzziness.
(no clue at the Art Institute)
marjorie sometimes my thoughts come to me
in outlines
with numbers and letters and cross sections that make everything clear
and i know how things are and should be
and sometimes my thoughts are in pictures
that swim across my eyes
and my mind
and make delightful dreams come
when i sleep
birdmad When i was fifteen...

a winter morning's ride on the city bus to school
Near the intersection of Van Buren and 15th avenue just a stone's throw from the capital

The police and coroner were carting away the body of a man who had been shot through the head

and where he had been left to lay there was an outline on the ground only interrupted by the bloodstained soil at the place where his head came to rest.

Elisa and i Looked at each other for a moment as the bus rolled on and the scene fell out of view and went back to our conversation

I focused on the sweetness of her even more intently, putting my hand on her shoulder, twisting a lock of her hair around my finger...watching her smile as she spoke -
needing the brightness of her to shake away what i had seen.
trazlo i had an outline once,
sometimes i see it when i sleep
an outline to a rough draft to that which is me
i burned it cuz fire is cool
florescent light An outline is all anyone can see.

They can't see through.

Though, they think they can.

But what do they know?
blindforyou i traced the fragile outline of his lips.
"i love the way they smile,
i love thier rosy complection"
i shivvered my fingers across
his eyelids.
"i worship these lowered walls,
i believe in the iced blue gods behind them."
owko one day you're up with the clouds,
the next thing you're down with the sweet outlines.
James Sager Annoying thing you're forced to do before writing a paper in highschool 010511
chaotic_poet facing the blank paper, I begin to draw the line. It defines inside and outside. Up and down. what it is and what it was. It is now in the past. 010918
distorted tendencies Outlines seem fragile. I want to reach inside the depths and tear out the bulk of it, dripping and spewing all over the place. 010919
schadenfreude outlines are the first pass, the way to separate it and not_it before you begin coloring. 031103
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