Mahayana maybe someday
well both fully realize our potentials
and well never ever have to deny ourselves
who and what we are ever again
cuz youll know and ill know
and ill never ever take those realizations away from you
and if you shall forget from time to time or shall fall prey to doubts
ill whisper to you as you sleep so you shall not forget
MollyCule maybe someday you'll be back. this looks less and less likely by the hour but still i hope. 020328
Bizzar All you will ever be is a maybe someday. Right place, just wrong time. 030331
Whitechocolatewalrus Maybe someday it will all make sense. 031203
.&. someday, maybe
i will find some day)
Syrope i'll stop being so trusting
and then i can stop being disappointed
and then i can explain the helplessness
and then i can talk through the tears

why does it feel like every decision i've made in the past week has been really really terrible? i feel like i'm taking advantage of you, because i'm used to being dumped on my ass when i start feeling sorry for myself. you just keep surveying me with calm eyes and telling me how beautiful you think i am in a bra & panties & kneesocks, and instead of soaking it all up, i just bite my lip and focus on keeping my breathing normal so you don't realize i'm crying. there's something so fucked up about that. there is.
In_Bloom I won't feel it's wrong to ask someone to do for me as I'd do for them
I'm near ready for it
sunsetblue the sunset won't bring tears to my eyes. 101126
thorn someone will want me 101126
what's it to you?
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