Q Always a tiny bit of wistful lust,
Make no cold mistake's mindfully okay.
Yet surely there be no error of trust
If chains undone come on Valentine's Day.

When you see this, imagine who you be,
Accept he wants hotly into your mind;
Not just there though, now surely you can see,
Today he craves all, to feel you unwind.

Copr. 2000

hLet it be said, then, all you sweet blathering lovelies
Q Ah, ignore the last lines after the 2000 please. 000214
Silent Bob red christmas lights. our only guidance through the hot summer night. hot. night. get it? got it? good. 000604
gbkiss sweaty. lusty. red lights in a room full of tango dancers... eager to bite, dancing like alley cats... sweating, vibrating with every pulse of their dancing partner... living in the night, turning into stones during the day 020828
nomatter in between the french doors in quick meaningful strides. They say it's the greatest. 030920
misstree feels right that it rhymes with busty.

always thrusting myself forward, tempting, drawing gazes and impure thoughts, but in the end usually amounting to a whole lot of nothing going on.
BloodyRedVelvet It wouldn t be good if it were a bloody valentime now would it.

A superior teacher informed the class to not think about lusty things for awhile.
jezabel too soft a word to describe claws without holster. growls and huffs, dangerous gleams. i am owed a proper rending. 040131
:_) lustful thoughts plague me
they are trying to steal my soul
my heart and body say yes
but my mind and spirit
say a gigantic no
somehow my heart
wants to win the battle
but i can't have my cake
and eat it too
what's it to you?
who go