amy James Joyce is goddish when it comes to literature. while the words of Molly's soliloquy conjure up fantasies that seem womanish, what with all those flowers...
(do men think about flowers when they masturbate?) and the people in her life. i don't think the words are particularly relevant to an accurate description of female or male thoughts during masturbation. but what do i know.

however, they might spark off some associations in the reader's mind and there might be something about how the words are put together (cadence) that will point the reader via symbology or music or whatever to the orgasmic experience.

but do imagine that you are Joyce and you are writing that soliloquy... you are a writer and Molly is your writee. ahh, i don't know i think he was having writers' sex with his character

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Joyce scholars do it better
Quill The soliloquy must have been womanish then.

JJ was just a rapporteur, of observations he arranged through his secretary, who was he, to make with people in his imagination.

He refused to interact too closely with these people he knew so much about. His role was to obsereve objectively and report to us so we all would know what happens. He was never close enough to Molly to have sex with her. She was in his brain, and he was never even in the same room with her.

He was just a rapporteur. He just sat in the next room listening and then wrote down everything he heard.

He wrote furiously, so I doubt he was doing anything else.

I understand though that, when he was done, he had an aching hand and head.
Seed JJ is king.

JJ is kind.

JJ is a part,
of everyone's mind.
epitome of incomprehensibility (Hm. At least two other people thought of JJ as James Joyce; it wasn't just a freak of my alter-alter-ego. I feel affirmed and humbled.) 130914
Anna Livia Plurabelle That said, I'd totally do Molly Bloom. 130914
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