Lemon_Soda Dream me someone.

Take me outta the cold dark and press my form.

Shape me, will me, call me yours.

Give it purpose and a wonder to love it.

Brilliant colors, flashing happiness that constitutes a garden of ecstacy.

Can you possibly know what its like to be putty in the makers hand, the wood on the bench, the molten lava pouring forward into the shapes of things to come...

And the shear joy of it letting it pass through you and tickle your senses like a feather across the thigh.

No tip of the tongue is safe so just smile and be a torch light in the wind. Blown to every direction but still burning firm.

Place it on paper or splat it on a wall. Plant the seeds in your garden or plant them in someone else. Crayons, markers, mud, air, and fire. Weave these things or simply tell of them so nothing is truly lost.

You've got a far way to go my friend and a longer wait to stop, so stop you should every few feet along the way. Smell the roses, eat the apples, and wave to your nieghbors as you walk by.

It doesn't get any better than this but its still not half bad, so enjoy your coffee and type your tails my fellow lost souls for it is good and you'll be better for it.
girl_jane "I fucked her..." 030909
Death of a Rose spilling upon a causeway of appearance,
coring shallow samples of blue steam.

hoarfrost delight and stamping insanity,
gore bred and verbose fed,
perspective drying upon your shoulders,

she sang, i listened and loved.
break with tradition and invent caresses.
forest on the moon hate
it_gurgled_out like

(you'll never know)
you'll be the first and last to know
what's it to you?
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