national hero introspective spells that hit you really hard and suddenly and force you to sit and be completely unable to focus on any other task of the time with more than a small slight of mind are really neat. Better with good folk music. Good time to be an individual. 060430
Ishutan I read... or at least I tried once. The words on the page scurry about though, in an uncontrolled attempt to gain precedence in my though-flow. And all the while I am sitting, thinking inwardly, how silly it is to see words scurry. 060518
Emptyness Alive i look at myself and i do not see me i see what people want me to be i am so lost. yet i have been found. Blather rules. 060519
national hero I am so blind, yet I have seen? Seriously though that was good, Empty Man. 060529
no reason maybe if i was less so i'd be happier 100504
palpable_candy palpable_candy exits the telephone booth, scoring an intense goal.

She cries!
Risen I spend more and more time in my own head these days. I used to live in a rib cage, and now I live in a cranium. It is spacious in here, and I can hardly remember the comforting beat of a heart, the warmth of the sunlight, the way she would tilt her head and smile.

I am here, inside myself, building walls up again and questioning whether I will ever let anyone in again. Was the thrill worth the pain? Maybe. But not with anyone else. Who else could be worth it? In order to find out, I'd have to open up again, and I don't know if I ever can.

In my own way I think I am growing up.
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