EECP What the fuck is with this! Injustice is all around, all the time. I fucking hate this shit. I try and do the right thing. I follow the laws of the land, and still...still I get fucked with.

The fucking police are a joke. I know that they are supposed to protect us; my ass! They don't do shit. They sit around and get paid to make money for the city.

AGHH! This bullshit has gone way to far. I am so pissed! The fucking bastards tell you to do something. You do what they say. Then you get raped while you are looking the other way.

Fuck this! Don't get me wrong, the US is an awesome place with tons of opportunity and freedom. I guess that doesn't help from having your civil liberties stomped on. I know that in most other countries of the world this wouldn't be so much of a problem. Actually, this is not a is the principal. Fuck!
Risen I do not understand.

Oh I so rarely understand anything these days you'd think I'd be used to it.

But when it happened to me - when life was over and over a series of kicks in the face - I could at least deal with it. I had less anger than I do now.

My aunt goes into a coma, my mother breaks her arm, a baby is diagnosed with a heart tumour.

These are injustices which cannot be understood. They are unfair.

I can deal with my own pain, because deep down I think I deserve it. But the pain of those I love? That is unbearable. Inescapable.

How do I cope? Who can I talk to?

Only the blue. There is only the Blue.
unhinged is everywhere. the amount of people that are noticing is reaching critical mass.

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