me? or-w or
gr-w bl
bl-w gr
br-w br

thought that it was a conspiracy
but had his mind changed for him.
the names of all birds
[circles around bird eyes]
jon look in the mirror 991206
SomeoneElse Living Lonely,
Paint picture's over canvas'.
I close my eyes to the Truth,
In favour of my own.
unhinged leave me alone would you? i am very happy with my little web of illusions. you just had to go and ruin it didn't you.... 011017
god foap 011018
distorted tendencies 3 A.M. Syndrome.
I no longer know that which is called reality. I have lost myself within the realm of illusion. There is no longer any solid ground or backing for anything. I see thing that are not there, or are they? I'm hearing someone.. But there is no one there. The footsteps are getting closer and there are no shadows. Then slowly but surely I see them, out of the corner of my eye. As soon as I turn around , they are gone. Who are "they"? .....I must go now before the--......

dionysos It is a painful thing, to live without illusions. 020306
lycanthrope my naevity regenerated, so did my virginity, god bless their persistance, it was getting rough without the buffers. 020306
ever dumbening floating wrenches, for example 020306
werewolf sometimes it's life's illusions that are most worthwhile 020310
xXShadow_GoddessXx what is an illusion truly? Is it our truer reality than that of what we dream?

"What I've shown you is reality...what you choose to remember...that is the illusion"
randomly recent shadow goddess.

sandra ALFRED you are quite an irritant, when will you let loose and truely write a word that makes sense and has meaning, a sentence of kidness you arse.? 050224
andru235 "and who dost cast before us such illusions?"

there they are, there they aren't.

note that 'illusions' ends with 'ions'

perhaps there is less - or more - to those little dots than science will ever be able to see

is that fucking YOU !

you crazy fucking cia weirdo.

what the fwuck are you doing ?
hun ! hun !

god what are you winnie de pooh !

i'm tiger then !
the magic man gave me a tiger. !
! and don't tell me off for not wanting to wake up at 6am in the morning to learn how to design a website ! 070508
three words to_die_to_sleep eat_grapes illusions 100903
h|s|g bach 100904
what's it to you?
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