Jacer Since I declared I was quitting my job in August to go to school full time, they've been giving me the shaft on assignements. No new projects, just piddly crap, sitting around and answering help desk calls. To further irritate me, today I was asked to work on saturday, that is, in two days, I very politely replied to the email saying that I would have been more than happy to work this Saturday, if I didn't have a previous engagement. I was very apologetic when they should have notified me more than two days in advance in the first place. To make things slightly more intresting, I haven't worked any Saturday's yet this summer, they try not to pay me over time. Well, anyways, after she read my email, she replied to my email, saying that she had plans too, but they have to change because work comes first, and that some day I'll understand that concept. After which she put an emoticon ":)" I've worked her slightly over a year, and not once, NOT ONCE, has she ever used an emoticon, I can prove this, I save all of my emails from her, in 10,308 emails, even the ones that were casual conversation, she hasn't used a single emoticon! Not to mention when she replied to that, about me needing to learn what comes first, she carbon copied (also sent) the email to the two people who sit closest to me, one of whom doesn't even work in our department. Totally uncalled for in my opnion. She never bothered to ask what my plans were, but I had them, and I wasn't scheduled. She made her plans, knowing she had to work, and expected me to cover for her. When I wouldn't cover for her, she spoke down on me, and included two other people in it, it's not like it was a conversation and they overheard, it was a private email conversation, which she made available to them.

Then two hours later, she issues a schedule for next week. Suddenly I'm in the rotation for Saturdays!@# Not only did she make an attempt to embarass me (thank god I'm quite familiar with humlity) but she also punished me for her own short comings
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