typhoid that ghost..
splitin image of a tiger
and the first green i ever met
alive! and chaos!
and all i can do is stare and gaze with my mouth open and not believe my eyes
"what are you doing in berkeley?"
"being a hippy?"
"i'm going to school here next year"
"i do to."
jane the grass is 030712
birdmad than my eyes just now?
nothing in the world
delial envy 030712
pobodys nerfect Almost always better than your basic green colour. Sort of like those "new and improved" products that really ARE new and really ARE improved.

Sometimes used in what's meant to be a negative way. For example,"the grass is always greener on the other side". Like this is something BAD! If your neighbours lawn is greener,and YOU want one just like it,shouldn't you think of it as an inspiring motivator if it gets YOU to work hard toward making YOUR lawn lush and beautiful(and GREENER!)?
And if the task of getting your lawn greener is too difficult and can't realistically achieved,can't one be mature enough to accept responsibility in the matter and just walk away from from the whole thing without resorting to somehow blaming it on a shade of green?! ;)
ferret let me tell you something
the grass may be greener, but that's just because of the higher maintenence it recieves.

if you take better care of your grass, it will live longer and greener
pobodys nerfect Um,okay ferret,but isn't "taking better care of it", indeed giving it "higher maintenance"? ;) 030712
amy nada greener green greenery

spring being too hot to trot this year.
In_Bloom Is it really?
What did you chance in order to go there?
Did you lose anything or did you assume you'd get away with walking where you might and have it all?
I've gazed at the greener and touched a bit too but I pulled out and walked back to my safe illusion of what I can accept and understand.
Once upon a time I could believe, really believe but not so much now. Increasingly I'm alone in what I treasure, honor and want to give. I'm a walking mismatch to any who offer what I most want and it chokes my throat dry.
what's it to you?
who go