ethereal it is inevitably meaningful that one would lift their eyes to the west in search of a star.

find me.

sitting there.



speak goodnights.


how thankful i am.

to be remembered.

and be a star.
pete and that you are
standing there silently
absorbing the light of the day
though we all know
that you yourself
have your own light
that you share with us
fore how could you go on
like you do
from choir to band to ensemble
how could you go on
and still be the meg we know
if you were not that star
in the west
taking in the energy of the day
and giving out your own
energies at night
and in the day
and forever in the
mind of one
the passageways reflected
the light from the moon
which stood in its new cresent
with a planetary guardian by itside
to the east, in the opposite quater of the sky,
another planet reflected
her glorious light
down up on the walker bys
it was a night like a few
one where the sky stood out
as it always must do
to those who feel it pulsating
and breating
like we who live here on earth
the stars are our hopes
and our domains lie there within
and we all shoutout
wherefore doesth thou
shine down apun our
dark kingdom without a king?
and she answers with her smile
and magestic red hair
that indeed she
is not a queen of the sky
nor a queen at all
but she shines apun us
because she holds in the love
of the world, she holds it
close to her full heart
which is the hearth
that creates the warmth
she sends out.

that is the star of the west
and we can learn much from her
in what ever incarnation she chooses
as krisna is the great visnu
this girl on earth
is the star in the sky
and forever we long for her hug,
both in fear that its love
will extinguish us
in a joyus moment,
and in the knowledge that
it will just make life so much
and brighter
and alive.

each night it is acknowledged
and bidded a good night
and this night tonight
is not unlike those other nights
and she will get her loving
and fair adieu.
what's it to you?
who go