sabbie and i had a crappy day at work today
and we all got told off by the boss
and i came home muttering
and went to water the garden, only to find that

the broccilli is broccilling
the cherry tomato has 3 tomatoes
the 9 tomatoe plants are tomatoing too
the basil has exploded
the chili has chilied
the potatoe plants did potatoe
and my garden is going nuts.

and i stood
in the midst of a jungle of greenery
dumfounded at the fact
we are now parents.
unhinged sabbie dear

did you get the e-mail i sent? i sent it first to your excite address but it came back with a nasty letter attached saying you didn't exist so i then sent it to your place of employment. i've been curious to see. i went to your site and i liked it very well. i took christian's/whatever you called him link and read his goth primer and found it absolutely hilarious. i guess i'm more goth than i thought with the vampire: the masquerade and the clove cigarettes and my penchant for black clothing. hehehehehe.
sabbie gods, i forgot that was there. his site was very different when i linked it, all those years ago. and now i have no access to change the links, even if i wanted too. but its a slide on a wall of a day in the life of a younger sab and i think i should leave it like that for posterity.

i got your email, it made me laugh. i'll be sending it back all prudy soon.

stay safe in the snow and remember to wear sunblock.
cat in the hat what do i do when there are
so many pills killing what once almost bcame
maybe my insides are dead or maybe you're
already breeding inside me
just not a baby
an alien
because he's too beautiful to be
human, at all
what's it to you?
who go