sabbie so we sat down and had pizza and garlic_bread and then found that we couldnt go out to the goth club for fear of melting all the trendies. 020614
Ariadani i can just see it...piles of trendy people lying strewn about a darkish nightclub, lights flashing, with a bunch of goth/alternative folks grinding away ~uncaring~ in the middle of the dance floor 020614
kerry you paint a lovely picture Ariadani 020614
princess if you like garlic, you might want to try the stinkin rose in beverly hills. they even have garlic ice cream. 020614
misstree when my tooth went abcess for the third time in new orleans (quite fun; passing out due to pain, looked like i had a half baseball in my jaw, still trying to read for money), gwyllynne gave me a garlic clove and told me to eat it, told me it would hurt like hell but it would make it feel better... i was skeptical, even drinking water brought tears... but i nibbled piece after piece of the most excruciating food ever... and just afterwards, i felt tons better (probably some due to endorphins), and the next day the tooth was healing. for this and many other reasons, i will always worship garlic.

that, and it makes mouths extra kissable. 'cause i'm a freak.
time_warp sneaking in the side door o! my beloved veggie, wherefore art thou? my breath is only tainted by cigs and hangover, and i feel a cold approach... however did i allow myself to such a desperate state that you are absent from my kitchen? ah! i have loved you too much in recent days, and you have fled... alas, alas, i shall have to resort to the jarred stuff... 040109
yoguru not much of a yogurt addition, unless you are giving some to a vamp 060605
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