miniver Yeah.

So much for restraint, I guess.

Although, I still hold that even fuckers-up-of-shit can be clever -- the best ones, anyway.
splinken it's when you get belligerantly drunk and run screaming through the streets.
when you're young.

when you and the kid you're holding hands with have dirt under your fingernails.

making out on buildings' rooftops, throwing drinks in each other's faces.

i reiterate:
come on, kids. let's fuck shit up.
miniver Drunkenness, although fun, isn't fucking_shit_up, I think. It makes you think it is, but really it's being fucked up by shit. Memory is similar.

In any case, humanity is a calculative species, even when we think we're not. So, one might say "be free, do this and that, run wild" -- so it goes in the mind -- but, in the act, there is the process of acting.

Technique is employed in holding hands with boys, and making out on building roofs. Think what you want to before and afterward, though, of course.
amy ahhh....

bang a good drum and do a Swiss yodle, a-la "The Hills are Alive" and then just fuck. that would do it for me today.
splinken drinking is the only way i can even halfway lose the calculation, these days. 000825
vix FUCK fuck fuck fuck 000825
tourist Modern euphamizm for making a mistake 001101
heel_turn "doin' it to you in your eardrum."

( see: mind_fuck )

George Clinton, from the Mothership Connection

too funky.
el chorizon mind_fucking 001226
Holiday Look on the bright side, cheer up
You and me will fuck shit up

I know that you're sick of this town
You and me will burn it down
lost i want to fuck shit up right now. i am so annoyed with myself. i have lost my calm and kool. everytime i am around this chick it just makes me go crazy. i know she wants me because i have talked to her friends but still everytime i am around her i am so incredibly nervous or something. i havent felt this way since i was 12. i think it's cuz i just got out of a long relationship and now that i am out of it im not used to having to talk to chicks to hook up with them anymore. 010913
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