kx21 Fairness:
Natural Law for Consevation of Free_will?
kx21 Fairness:

Natural Law for Conservation of Free_will?
werewolf you don't really understand. once you actually have to foot your own bill maybe you will.

sam was angry. oh right, i can't comprehend it. you know, i want to be out of here, but they like having me depend on them and take. and i owe them, oh it's not money, it's just the way i live my entire life. but it'd be nice i suppose to be on my own and waste my own money and know what percentage has to go to necessity and....maybe i'm selfish. i probably am. or are you just mad because i'm inefficiently selfish?

oh don't act heroic for not giving a shit. even when you give money to others it's just because you don't care about it. anyone could do that.

you think it's just to spite you i bet.

you don't realize all you have. and you want to help others? save your money and use it better than a homeless man will. you could buy a school instead of one can of corn. and i'm only saying can of corn because i'm giving him the benefit of the doubt.

sam's only argument was that he didn't really care about money or anyone, he just wanted to be that bum, starving. or so he thought. he did go on, out of obligation he had always supposed. but he couldn't question that assumption even if it meant winning the argument, because he knew she was smart enough to know that the conclusion would then be, well why don't you just give it all up then? or you don't care about this you don't care about me. it'd be only partially true.
phil A different life, is perhaps, just a different life.
It feels like I am in a straight jacket.
It wouldn't feel any different if I actually was.
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