typhoid either its a party and everyone celebrates, or its a disaster and everbody dies 000504
silentbob either you follow the way and do right by the word, or you are a satanic hellbound sodomizer that does drugs and wants everyone to be like you. damn. contradictory? 000705
The Schleiffen Man one would think a god would have better things to do than sort people by the basis of "holy" or "on fire" 000705
grendel Funny.
All he was before receiving the official sanction of the roman empire was a tribal deity with a penchant for bizarre mass murders...then he delegated that task into the hands of his appointed representatives.

Either the devil
the deep blue sea.
melissah its either heaven now or heaven later, should i choose worldly pleasures or wait for god? 020801
sixteen either everything stays the same


I start spewing complete shit constantly just to excersize free speech and lack of concern for the people exposed to worthless words


I only post what i find meaningful or of good quality


I leave blather (please. this is so not going to happen)


well thats mostly it.
simsimma A self made man,
his life is a constant, carefully constructed routine.
Everything deliberate, everything planned.
What happened to the man you said you were?
Using stubbornness to mask vulnerability and insecurity are the defense mechanisms of children...
EITHER stubbornness breaks or heart and body will be left to ache.
I refuse to let you be my mistake.
re_alisma you're a saint or you're the angel of death. it's not that you should pick one. not at all, because you're good at both. it's that you should explore the middle ground as much as is humanly possible, this time around.


or there.

or anywhere.

and that's why it's called "exploration".
what's it to you?
who go