dondeestanlosjaguares how beautiful life is when death is near by, like a gem shining in the middle of a dark swamp, but death shouldn't be rejected, because it is part of this world, it is all a plan of God. no mortal man can escape it, not even Jesus Christ, son of God, could evade it.

God brings us into this world and we don't know how much time He is giving us. we are born, we grow, we live and we pass on from this life to something better. but in this life we have a mission, something that God had proposed for us to do. how difficult it is to follow his rules, those ten commandments he gave us and told us to obey, that great, big book written by our ancestors which holds the divine wisdom of the All-Powerful.

who are we to disobey such laws? and yet, we were created to be imperfect, to make mistakes, and to learn from them. our role in this world may not always be as we think it to be, we sometimes get confused. death is something we should respect, but we can't even respect life. the abuse and mistreatment of the weak and oppressed has and always will be present because of those that have no humility or sense of dignity. but death will come, all in due time, and death will set us apart from this world, just as life brought us to it, and when that time comes, it will be God that decides your next life, and whether you did follow his rules, whether you did live your life and accomplish the mission that He had for you. so next time you see death near by, maybe even close enough to touch it, realize that you don't know when it will come knocking at your door, ready to take your soul by the hand, leaving your body behind. look at life and live your life, the way it was meant to be, and living that way can only be felt from deep inside one's own heart, and one's own faith. live with life, live living alive, not with death near by.
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