kingsuperspecial dating
strangers,friends of friends,
co-workers and cafe workers,
or lurking about in bars
even on the internet

people won't want to come around
until you're happy alone.
nemo ooo! what wuz said up there..... people wont come around until you're happy alone.... well that was said really well! 010612

it sucks, but it's true
stupid old bird saw me in half and count the rings

Daria I don't do it often enough. 020321
demented afterthough it would have to be that way wouldn't it.

the thing that plagues me is what i have to accept to make it go away.

so fucking sick of being alone
BitterSweetDream So. Smitten. So. So. SO smitten. 041222
ever dumbening dating sucks donkey dick!

get your shit ironed out, people, before you put your fucking hat in the ring (whereas putting you hat in the fucking-ring early in fine, for i will have sex with you and then realize you're whack, and then move on).

now to be fair, i was in a shitty space when i fell into the best relationship i've ever had. but i put it all on the table that first night, sitting on the back steps at dave nalesnik's. she was given full disclosure, and it lasted for over four years. so if you have shit you're dealing with, let me know when you first shake my hand; and if we were meant to be a match, it won't make a whit of difference.


i'm going back to just chasing pussy. dating is for suckers.
minnesota_chris I should really date more. I haven't had a girlfriend in years, in YEARS. I don't even remember the last girlfriend I had. 080116
Lemon_Soda Eh.

I tried dating again. Felt hollow and pointless.

"If I can't have the german chocolate cake I don't want any cake at all."

But, damn, that smacks of disempowerment. Maybe I should be trying to date, anyway.
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