unhinged the kind that jolts you, doesnt seem to make sense

anger without hate


what you left behind for me to discover is the blessing is learning how to enjoy falling:

falling is one word away from floating

namo gurubhay
unhinged it never felt crazy to me:



unhinged 'it does not matter what methods we use or whether we categorize ourselves as belonging to the right wing or left wing, the underground or the establishment. none of that matters at all. what matters is the style in which we do it, how we exercise our independence' - chogyam trungpa rinpoche 180223
Twitch I need some of this. I've been reading the Bible all the way through so that I can know in my bones that I gave Christianity a shot. But it's been so long since I've heard anything new. The kind of wisdom that makes you go, "Shit" and reevalute things. 180226
unhinged check out sacred_path_of_the_warrior by chogyam_trungpa rinpoche

cutting_through_spiritual_materialism is another good one

(chogyam_trungpa rinpoche was a lama on par with the dalai lama back in tibet and had a similar story of fleeing tibet because of the chinese invasion in the 50s. unlike the dalai lama, he disrobed from his position as a monk when he got out of tibet and ended up at oxford university to study english among other things. he liked to drink, he liked women, not very he created the path of shambhala to bring buddhism to the west without the trappings of asian culture. he wanted his students in the west to have a clear path to liberation not obscured by a foreign language or culture.

i've made my way through most of the shambhala curriculum in milwaukee and seattle. extended meditation retreats helped me through a relationship with a heroin addict and picking up and moving thousands of miles across the country. i AM buddhist but the shambhala curriculum is explicitly secular so that all people can receive the benefits of meditation and crazy_wisdom . check out a center near you)
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