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Reverend Lough i went to this club last night. it was the first club i've been to in this area. understanding the fact that this is Southern Oregon, and not California, it wasn't all that bad. it was a meat market, though. instead of finding nine girls to go home with, i decided to stay in the shadows and drink "hefeweizen with lemon" all night. there was a good mix of industrial and techno playing all night. the highlight of the night was: on one of the many trips to the pisser, i went into a stall to open the floodgates, and somebody had sprayed the walls, seat, everything in there with puke. somebody couldn't handle their drinks.
aaahhhhhh, club life.
angelita try as I might, I cannot bring myself to prefer them to gatherings round friends' houses. yeah, the bass through the speakers is awesome but having to fucking grind my way across a packed floor to get a drink that costs what a bottle would in a supermarket, having to see those pathetic 11 year olds dressed like god knows what, having to avoid the eyes of guys from the past, trying to find the people I want.
maybe I'm just pissed off tonight because it just didn't work at all for once - not even much of buzz. I left annoyed at the 5 entry, the 4 drinks, him, the other him, and the shit choice of what the dj clearly thought to be music.
sometimes it's mindblowing.
but I long for those nights where you're someplace you know, disgustingly drunk, happy, halfawakehalfasleep and you know everyone's the same.
time to ring around and sort this out.
eskimos friend see, it's not so bad, is it?

consider it truly rung around and sorted out...

although nothing, not even knowing him for 7 years, could really have prepared us for the craziness that was callum.

so... you up to anything next friday?
what's it to you?
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