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epitome_of_incomprehensibility It's 11:59 in Times Square and everything's running like clockwork...
Happy New Year, it's July 18th. The 4th dimension is completely overrated.
emanon "it's all clockworks, all of it just tick tock tick tock." 050719
Kristopher I love clockwork machinery; gears and gears and gears! I love it so much, I got one tattooed on my arm.

Should have seen me watch my friend Luke play Maximo vs. The Army of Zin. Just shadows of clockwork undead marching endlessly, eyes glowing with unholy fire.

spawn of repeater tick tock, the inside clock
dreams us up wooden and sore.
drip, drop, the meaty prop
screams and hungers for more.

wound up machinery tugs at the threads
that chaos runs flailing to break
while sterilized fingers place gears in our heads,
convinced of our passion's mistake.
with each part that's broken a race will begin
to grow it to clockwork or fruit,
but always remember whose head it is in
and strive to make sterilized moot;

let loose all the virii that gobble cold reason,
then bark at the moon and laugh at the season
that mankind is in, cold and restrictive,
spread freedom to others, now this is your missive;
let animals run, no cages or leashes
for gold are the lessons vitality teaches.
without them we join the mindless undead,
stripped of our primal, just gears in the head.

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e_o_i Or, conversely, it is 11:59 in the sixteenth dimension and everything's running like nanotechnology. "It's not a clockwork world" was mercilessly stolen by epitome from a David Suzuki episode which highlights the fundamental interconnectedness of all things. The world is a computer. 050801
deliberately misspelling bird oarnge 050802
andru235 it off

to see them in a futile, circular pursuit, irritating; but to have them beckon me, an invitation to join!

but now they have chained me to a wall, and they lecture me on the minutes. i suggest hours, or seconds; i am whipped again. they insist on minutes.

with each clock they build, they grow more clueless as to the time.

clockbroken slaves
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