Sparticus i feel like i am losing her, slipping away, and she is dying inside, slipping away inside herself, worse than ever before when she was supposed to be better than ever. her brother says shes doing better than she ever has before. he has no idea.

and i want to be there for her, to help her, to do ANYthing for her because i would, becasue i love her. and i feel so useless and helpless because maybe i cant be there anymore, maybe there is jsut too much. . . shit. . . between us now. and i dont know why. i know she still loves me, and i dont know whats going on. i just feel so trapped and blocked like a little boy, helpless and needy, and wanting so desperately to give

i love her. i dont know whats wrong. god, please help her

help. . .
~lazarys~ it heaves inside so i can't breathe. really.
snurkles too.
whiny sounds emanate once in a while.
the head feels like it's about to burst.

yellow-demon-sleepstealer drowns not.
silentbob blather as a whole is not blocked at work. however, some pages ARE blocked. I can look at almost every blather, but sometimes at random it will have the block sign that says work is blocked the site. but i can always go back and look at other blathes. for instance, four_words would not work. and i don't know why. some words show up and are banned? text? banned? weird. 090618
hsg four_words has an f_word and the phrase "oral sex" 090618
silentbob i don't think that's stopped my work computer before. guess we'll see if this gets blocked 090622
Risen Pretty easy way to have your question answered 150729
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