cheer-up-emo-kid I saw him yesterday, just by chance. and I went home with him. I lied about plans and fixed things so I wouldnt get in trouble.

today we were taking a bubble bath. and alkaline trio was playing. and then it happened. I was sitting behind him and my head was on his shoulder. our faces were touching and his was warm. the bubble bath made the air smell sweet and the room was foggy with all the steam from the hot water. then the intro to 'enjoy your day' came on. the part where its just music and its beautiful.

so I cried.
or should I change Beautiful things are teardrops of resin, they last forever in the hearts of our memories. 020726
ozzie that makes me want to cuddle 020726
little fury bug i envy you. 020726
cheer-up-emo-kid If I had to forget everything but one thing, thats what I would remember.
and Im going to remember it.
for the rest of my life.
eklektic i think all moments are infinite if they are perceived in the best possible way. they all may not be as wonderful as a bubble bath with someone we care about, but i try to make all of my moments infinite. 020728
phil today 020729
rosemary we sat in the coffee house and i had a bagel with honey and we talked while waiting for the band to start. the banyan_trio stepped onto the little platform. they played the music to Peanuts and then after that, they played what they were there to play.
her voice was so magical and she would smile at us, point at us and shut her eyes, being sad amounts to nothing when you are coated in jazz tunes and a heavenly voice.
they got up and danced and i watched them twirl each other, two girls with round eyes slick and shining as if brimming with tears and i sat there alone but suddenly very
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