hsg is the ego's great_test_fear

The idea to put out effort and get
nothing in return, to waste effort!

The self_important would never want to see itself a fool.

And what do the masters_of_wasting_effort look like?

They take the trivial,
they take the rediculous,
they take the weak and overcrowding saplings from the forest, put them together to make an adequate bow.

More items than hands,
an extension into time
is offered in juggling.

The near_sighted would do only the minimum, would go into the forest and take the healthiest trees to make their bows.

The seers would use waste. The health of the forest would be reflected in their VISion reSPECtively.

The spirit wanting mostly to live puts out the most effort with the least of materials.
th IS teach_knowlogy

Could a clown heal someone too_lazy_to_laugh ?

Would s_he take a bow?

How was MacGyver?
Where was his spirit?
Was he not PURE_IT?
It is a story much older than TV.. a much deeper tell_a_vision.

To laugh at yourself is to step outside the ego. Th at where youTH ink outside the box.
hsg youth_ink

hsg * yet another rIdiculous chance to laugh at myself :-P 091110
hsg now this is a_fun rEdiculous! :::
Critic Granted, if you don't regularly service yourself you'll be no use to anybody anyway. Then there's that whole 'pearls before swine' thing, too, forcing use to use discernment about who and where and when we offer what service. So really it's not so black and white and obviously there is a need for the ego lest one have nothing to offer in the first place. 091110
amy nada I have learned that nursing is not only a vocation, it's a 24/7 way of life, according to some. And that kind of codependent attitude has truly repelled me from pursuing it. oh, well. another bag of worms, it seems.

but in defense of hsg, sometimes you get to such an egoblownup place that that devoted service_to_others really does look pretty good. makes a lot of sense. an enantiodrama of sorts, and a very common and virtuous one at that. sometimes i think it's a christian response to its own blownup religious revelations, though. oh, no, we're not overboard here, we're HELPING OTHERS. and they are, actually.
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