Annie111 Under the folds of everyday life I see you grin in the night; teeth straight and white like piano keys. Your eyes are like little chocolates waiting to be unwrapped from that slit of flesh that grins just like your smile. Tissue paper discs are gray moons outside my door; the sun has spilled pink paint on the horizon.

I love a man whose voice rumbles in his chest as if there were a train approaching.
ClairE "And he has great lines!"

Her voice goes staticky for a second, as if to remind me of the distance.


"Yeah. When he smiles his whole face turns into lines."
Aimee has become increasingly rare. I miss it. I can't even get you to laugh by tickling you. Baby, I'm sorry if I did something, but we just need to talk about it. I don't even know how to bring it up. Please just give me a genuine smile... you can't even smile at me when we make love... you used to walk around for hours afterward with a big grin on your face. *sighs* I so sorry for whatever I did. 020804
jane makes me increasingly uncomfortable...

because i know that there's something bad going on behind it, something that will affect me...

it wasn't always this way, it used to be i loved to see you smile because it meant you were happy, and now...

now i don't know what to think...
secret4185 shakes me thouroughly. After receiving one of your genuine smiles, I walk aeound hapyy for the rest of the day. 031211
heres lookin at you: 8^Y 080126
unhinged your_voice

as much as i try
to live in the present now
something keeps pulling me back
to those rare hours
when i was so happy
it was all i could feel
a beacon
what's it to you?
who go