unhinged 'you would look so cute with your tongue pierced'

'well you asked me to pick you something to drink'

'i want to hug you and never let you go'

'you are my inspiration'

'i always believed that this was somewhere inside of you'

'i think that you are my angel come to tell me that i'm dead and that i need to wake up'

'it takes millions of performances before someone is comfortable with a piece. don't judge your first performance so harshly. you were wonderful. wonderful. even perlman screws up.'

'twenty years from now we will be driving down a highway somewhere talking about michael roberts'

'dude...i think my foot is too heavy to hit the brake. thank god...a red light.'

'you are my dream...my nat face.'

'taco bell only tastes good when you are really hungry or really high.'

'you know i'm totally straight nicole, but you make me question that. i think i would say that you are the only girl i would be with LIKE THAT. but you know how much i like the cock.'

'come on...COME ON. just say it...pleeeeaaasee.'

if i could change the world
for you
you know i would
to freeze it all
into one shining moment
joda I had a real fun time. 030513
unhinged harrisburg

there was something about our smiles that belied the years that had passed between us. i was too happy to be standing in front of you to reopen the door to all the painful ugly past. you gave me back some of my faith and hope that day, to see you smiling that way. and the words you said too sacred to me to rewrite, it's different for me and you now. we could start over. i realized all this when we were smiling. standing in the small front yard in mechanicsburg, i held your face in my hand and realized all that when we were smiling.
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