typhoid standing over an abyss
fully naked
and in bliss
streaming digital wind of thought
choices flash but don't get caught
stuck to sticky silence
the abyss compliant
but ultimately unyeilding
gwyllynne years ago, before I became who I am today .....sheltering in my body....flesh....lust....longing....love?..holding in my womb....an unsafe harbor at best....my child...this unwanted flesh...did I will you to die?...and out you went, dripping down my thighs....I quickly cleaned up trying not to notice that I could see and idenitify each of your features....months of sleepless nights....waking to the imagined sound of a baby's cry....you were my first...and quite suiting to....he didn't know until a year had passed....my unborn....my unborne child...why do you haunt me again? 001124
CinnamonGirl chickenvoicesinmyhead 010610
Arwyn me: an aborted child is just an unborn child

professor: so you're saying that the fetus had a near-life experience?

me: yes.
unhinged me. everyday things happen and i realize that there are small parts of me that go unborn. they've been there forever and certain days and certain events awaken them and the realization of the unborn is so strange because you only realize it was missing after you gain it. i guess i wouldn't be who i am without them. i love sitting in the park and getting high. 'what's in the park?' don't worry mom. i'm just finding myself. 020525
dos And so came the day that I found myself unborn. Not not born, but actively rejected by the world, stamped "return to sender," and sent back from whence I came.

Mom was quite displeased.
unhinged i left you unborn
because when i looked at the future
my heart felt a great weight pressing down on it

this world
i couldn't bring you into it
what's it to you?
who go