zavyman That special art
Where one becomes the book
Can remember words, concepts
Anything on a page
Forced recall
Where again and again
Staring night after night
Learn to relearn
Test just once
Then fade from view
Out of sight
Out of mind
So many things realized
Only to be lost
In the sea of memories

Some things do stick
And those are most special
You become what you study
You have found your way

I have found my path
Now I must walk it
Returning to that book
To know that I know it

Thy blather has drawn me
But must not consume me
I must leave ye a bit
If only for the night

In sleep I rejuvenate
With sleep I can blather
Jenna I must!

If you see me blathering, tell me to stop. I have a HUGE final at noon.

Only 10 hours from now.

ACK! Gotta go.
ClairE Fuck you! (not you, Jenna)

I like the room with this name...
little wonder as much as i'd love to drive out of here in 55 minutes i have to take a test before i can leave.

the secretary has taken a liking to country music so as i'm trying to remember all of the aspects to Native_American_religion, I have to make an attempt at blocking that out.

distractions, distractions.

blather seems to be the greatest one of them...
B.A.Dorman knowlegde is power

but its just become a means to an end
anne-girl knowledge is joy
understanding is joy

being able to look at something and say yes! I understand!
is joy
studying late at night because of fear of failure and not love of the subject is a terrible feeling
but it's hard to love everything you do
what's it to you?
who go