pete so i worked 10 hours last night, got home after 2am, its 7am and i'm up. why? well, because today is supposively the day of the best staff party i'll ever go to, or so i'm told.

the restaurant is closed. everyone has the day off. we are being shipped off to the gananoque, to one of the thousand islands infact, for an all day/all night live band, open bar field party. six restaurants in total are going, most of the ones in the market. so don't try to go eat at your favourite market restaurant today, we just wont be there.

we leave at ten. i'm damn tired. five hours of sleep. i was drunk for the last bit of work. i didn't really plan on that, it was interesting though. we had a 27 and a 15 hit us at once, so the bar tender gave the kitchen staff a shot and the night manager (who doesnt know how to count it seems) brought back six instead of five beer, and the sous chef likes me, so lucky me got the two. it was fun enough, i didn't break anything, and that is all that matters.

so.... to the island tonight. if i don't fall asleep in the process of getting dressed and miss my pick up time.
Doar hope you enjoyed yourself Pete. 040822
pete probably a bit too much... in the responsible 'ah someone just passed out, lets get him to a tent so he doesnt get sick sleeping in the grass' kind of way...

i can't believe how happy i am though... response to meeting a girl... *thoughts fly like crazy*

best staff party i've ever been too, especially because i avoided the party part most of the night and found nice cozy spots on the island too watch the stars and talk to my fellow 'outcasts' of the trendy bar employees
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