girl_jane If it weren't for the Cosby show, I'd be nameless. 020228
silentbob if it weren't for my dad i'd be named kevin. wouldn't it be weird if i were named kevin and my last name were smith? id be kevin smith. or if my last name were smith, but they just named me bobby. Then id be robert smith. i think about things like that sometimes. 020228
TK Became anorexic bc compared to me she felt fat
After her mom told me that I stopped hanging around her in hopes she'd feel better about herself
since I havenít seen her in over a year I wonder how she's doing sometimes.
bethany my mom knew my dad very "quickly"
she hated him
if i was a boy she was gonna name me griffin. which is his last name which would make mine griffin griffin so i could never take his name, and in turn not pass down more northern irish scum heritage.
under sondra, dunno?
silentbob sitting in truckstop. drinking coffee. pouring together collected woes like they are coffee beans. the cups are so close that steam is rising in one stream. and we talk about everything. 020308
girl_jane I miss you, Bobby. I miss sitting and drinking coffee with you at the truck stop, watching that one couple hang all over each other and we both wanted to vomit yet at the same time we wished we could have the same.

shame on you for not crediting Ani with that line about the steam in one stream...

Come home, Bobby.
YORLLIK i know a girl named sondra
quite a girl
i dont know if people always realize how wonderful they are
the sondra i know is so beautiful, not only as a person, but physically as well
girl_jane I feel special because of the last post. Even if it's a different Sondra, I still feel special...just because it's my name, and I share it with a beautiful person. 020313
Jacer ryan said you were awesome 020513
0of46 no, you were definitely the sondra i was writing about 021023
girl_jane thanks 021024
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