yoink drool drips to the floor from that vacant stare. what happened to you? i thought you were going somewhere in life. i guess those wild goose chases in search of the perfect way to waste time led you here, to the kingdom of rebellious urges and almost hideous tomfoolery. the sale of your bs has been forbidden by the locals. your car has no gas. you think your fiancee really cares that much? press 6 if she needs a father for her children. 6.
there, i pressed it. now what? am i supposed to see stylistic maneuvers that calm my heart and set my soul into that whirlwind of southern dramaticism you call cursor, or am i supposed to redline my tachometer until i hear horrible noises coming from the engine bay? that crankshaft can turn like a mofo, but if you tell it to eat a hamburger, it won't. the moral of the story is that time is working its ass off while you sit on your fucking rump wasting away to nothing. when you stand up, time will sit down, and it will all be worth it. please, for the family, for your fiancee, for her kids, for my kids, for those kids who hang out at Albuquerque town mall, for santiago, for oniongirl, for every freaking human and amoeba on this planet, don't sell yourself this crap. hit the scroll lock button and press the space bar. life is better when you aren't hiding under the sign that says "defeatus sounds like wheatus" yes, you've got to bet on yourself now star, because that's your best bet. leave, go to the woods, hide there for a while until you realize the value of what you possess. your magic is our magic. don't disgust us at the next family picnic.
silentbob i dont like how you;re living my life
get yourself a wife
get yourself a job
you're living a dream
don't you be a slob, slob, slob
what's it to you?
who go