Laura Evil purple demons & aliens inhabit the color, their evilness must be reversed with the powerful yumminess of O-R-A-N-G-E! 010403
no one um, that's pretty pointless and dumb, if you don't mind me saying so. well, who cares if you do because....well, because your dumb 010403
crazyenglishman ...but probably not as dumb as you mr. no one. If Orange pushers wan't to try and convince us of the glory of their colour - let them. Still I'm with Purple, try it, embrace it, there's hidden power in there. 010404
Laura Not as pointless as you saying so, you must have no life, if you must spend your time ridiculing others. I like the color purple, I wrote that for my friend who believes in the holiness of orange. 010415
florescent light I have a very busy life, yet I'd still have time to ridicule others if I so wish.

How does one positivly correlate with the other?
I find flaws in your reasoning.

It makes me mad that people belittle others on here. And what makes me even madder is when the person isn't mature enough and responds to the mockery by being demeaning to the other person.

'I hate that the person hates me, so I will hate them back.'

Thereby completing the cycle-instead of being big enough to say..."I don't like the way this person is behaving, so I will stand by my beliefs and not act like that person myself."
Teddybear Forget hating all together...hate is a very stong word.

For if you hate and ridicle all the time, what's the point...to make you feel better...bullcrap.

People who do that constantly are the ones holding back the continuing efforts of existance

And I like orange, it has a fruit named after it
Laura I don't hate anybody. There's no point to it. 010416
crazyenglishman Carefull floresent, hating people hating each other adds a whole other link into that cycle. This could become recursive and the very fabric of resoning could break appart......

Anyway - much love to you all!!!
florescent light I guess no one understood what I had written.

Or maybe you didn't read it though.

I was using the phrase to support my argument.

Notice the quotes.
j_blue my epiphany told me that speech was pointless amongst people who disagree, and equally pointless amongst those that agree

sucks to speak?
an orange o r a n g e

oren Purple: Royal, Grapes, People-Eaters.

I choose purple.
what's it to you?
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