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distorted tendencies John. 020219
sad girl why is it that many times when a guy is promiscuous hes a "stud" and when a girl is promiscuous shes a "slut" ?!
it irritates me!
personally im not that promiscuous but every once in a while i have my moments. even so people start to talk!
so i ask u what is wrong with enjoying sex and seeing it as something special but also as something that must be shared?
society it seems is conflicted...and so am i.
it seems equally acceptable in a way to

1 be with 1 person or be with as few as u can
2 be free and open about your sexuality and if you like a lot of sex with a lot of people than be proud of that.

ofcourse people who talk must be partial to number 1.

hmmmm. it is a mystery.
(dont ask... its a geek thing... geeks w
My network card is promiscuous 030607
U24 damn that 50 character limit on "you".

insert "geeks will laugh" above...
a sweet girl not just the family name
unveiled but don't complain
either one can feel ashamed...
i don't need that again.
birdmad dallies with pop music T: "Bring that on?"

N (you know what i mean)

T: "Girl, I'm a freak,
you shouldn't say those things"

promiscuous girl, you're teasin' me...
ol dirty birdmad as for me, if i'm in any way involved with a woman and the subject of fucking comes up in any serious way, i don't particularly care how high her "shagging_tally" is so long as i don't remain excluded from that group for too long... otherwise it's just so much cockteasing.

especially not if they're gonna hand me some old bullshit about how much they supposedly love me while they are fucking nearly everyone else EXCEPT me, that's both annoying and cruel

whenever i want to convince someone that i have any genuine romantic feelings for them, i generally try to keep the contents of my pants in neutral.

but hey, me and my crazy notions of courtesy.

i guess that's why i've been all about the random fucking lately
misstree i miss the random fucking.

lost my taste for it somewhere along the way, and now, no matter how much i *want* to want someone, my cunt just says nope. but we'd love to get laid, i tell it. tihs is true, it responds, but not by that or any other human being we have yet encountered.

damn. i want to be promiscuous.
what's it to you?
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