dipperwell 1. Montreal, holding hands. Things smelling of flowers, cigarettes, and chocolate. Night air and dramatic shadow.

2. When we stood on the bridge to the island with a bottle of grape bubbly and saw, flickering beneath the fog-clouds that rose off the water, the reflection of tiny pure white stars bobbing on the surface.

3. The evening of the brain, when we found ourselves outside the night gardens and commensed a leaf war of epic proportions, and with everything smelling of hungry autumn and the taste of wood in my mouth, I could see the snow.

Not to be confused with nights_when_you_realized_everything_was_alright or days_when_you_felt_truly_happy, or just happy moment in general.
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misstree oddly (or not), most of the nights that leap tomind involve being several towns back... first surface the nights with tribelings gatherered in the celebrations i felt would last forever, everything rihgt and everyone There, our grins never faltering. there was an innocence even among such uninnocent creatures that i don't think could have existed anywhere else.

nights collapsing into my nest like the_fattest_pigeon, when universe provides free buffet for me to sample and gorge. these days, there seems always to be something missing, something more, that i am but a breath away from. i am happy many nights, but true_happiness has mostly eluded me. looking back on halloween, it ended with such; butthe rest of the night did not fill the rather large suit that had been tailored for it.

and falling asleep and waking up in my loverbrother's arms in the same position. we didn't know what tragedy we bred; tehre was no hint of hte sadness or pain to come. it was bliss.
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