jane he told me something about friends when i knew it was really about love. he told me things like i would believe them but he does not know that i can read people's eyes better than their words. he told me goodnight, i'll talk to you. i knew he wanted to say other things. and if there's one thing i hate, it's people holding back. because i dont believe in regret. now he cant say he tried his hardest. 040324
phil but I can say I tried and I can lie anytime I want and make it true. 040324
sahba if where i live had a nightlife i wouldbt be here typing this at 12:44 am 040325
jane yes, lies are just the truth through a distorted filter anyways. and i had a friend [well let's not get into the ambiguity of that term] who was quite pathological and it ended because he thought he had sent me money he owed me. of course we'll never know. psycho assole. but to stay on topic i suppose i should say something, paraphrase marlon brando in that contrived musical..."the night does funny things to people. i know it, i live in it." 040328
jane that's right, assole 040328
phil silent calm relaxing peaceful
more things going on than it first seems
noisy crowded bad wasted
sirflaccid Have you ever heard the cracks and creeks of windows and doors when another is opened to disrupt the vacuum that has become your home?

As the front door opened, he stirs. The erks and jerks of all things that go bump in the night have always had their effect. However, he has become accustom to their presence, and soaks up last bits of the adrenaline rush as time melts away.

She struts across the living room floor wearing nothing but the fish net stockings


He stirs
what's it to you?
who go