psyki in the morning with a headache
still bleeding from a spinning night
of strange things that kept me awake
too afraid to turn off the light

what i thought would last is fading
like the flowers around my eyes
that i might consider trading
for a tourniquet in disguise

before i am alone and cold
i must escape this empty sphere
if what i had is what i hold
can i ever breathe beyond here?
Joana. I really liked your poem, psyki... just thought I should let you know that. 010419
sabbie "now the monsters under my bed have become my only friends"

killing miranda - "the ballard of torrens st"
paranoid martyr there was an edvard munch quote related to himself as a monster but it seems that i can't find it :( 030802
sabbie here_be_monsters 030803
Whitechocolatewalrus I know several monsters
and they know me.
One monster loudly purrs
and I can't see.
This would be because
I shut my eyes.
In the corner I was
to have a disguise.
I wish he would go away
so I could get some sleep.
But I see him every day
and it makes me want to weep.
z in light run the world and prey sits waiting to be taken 050414
concha the end of my bed was their domain.
claws and rotten smells and stretching hands to grasp and clasp and draw me down
down deep. down low.

the end of my bed is their domain.
terminology and syllables and false hopes to pull my heart and makes it twist.
twist hard. twist hard.
Moonman Monsters exist everywhere,
Maybe there's one under your stair,
If I were you, I'd go and see,
I'm too scared but that's just me.
Nasty AAAH!!! Real Monsters. 080206
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