silentbob every time we do this
i fall for her
wave after wave after wave
its all for her
i wish i could just stop
i know another moment will break my heart
phil what happens to a person, after they've broken down? 020726
cheer-up-emo-kid today is the first day
its looked good from up here
on my own island in the sun

until those gray lit skies and chorus of laughs

all come back

all come down on me

nothing more familiar than tomorrow's disease
your last words spoken echoed in the wind

say good-bye
your touch bleeds no more

these days are a far cry from where we've been
Kate Remember when we tried to whitewash the caverns of our bloody sins? Our feet never hurt so badly as we ran away as fast as we could from the evidence of our failure, darting into shadows so as not to be found out by the invisible gestapo, but we always were. They never told and we locked reminders of our fears and failures into our psyches as proof, as a battle scar mutually shared. Then we both went to our respective houses and rooms and wrote about it on pieces of paper torn from notebooks, which we showed our professors but never our mothers. We always wanted them to be proud. 020727
ever dumbening i liked that a lot. thanks Kate. 020727
squint ditto, kate m'dear that was *superb* 020727
phil today 020729
Aaron her innocence... is with me... as my own innocence is..... true.... the only thing i'm guilty of.. is loving her..... my angel... i'll see her.... soon. 041007
not god crazy girls, god love em 041007
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