puredream only you 040714
thieums The lonely mountains of Sweden,
And the lakes, and the sea,
The eternal snow of the Pole,
A little hut and some peace.
megan the silence which only ensues when you hold me tight against you
and my ears are covered by your arms and shoulders
and the world is muffled, and i don't have to make any excuses

i long for you to hold me close
for a long long time
when darkness falls ethereal melodies chaperone my restless thoughts to angelic heights. my mind travels to a happier destination and echoes of passion are set in motion. i long for these moments, with you. i believe our bond will grow stronger if i show you my true self, but i'm still struggling to find it in myself to fully trust you. 080514
unhinged i'm pretty sure i'm over it now
done longing
for him to see me
the way i see him
Lemon_Soda People to touch me more. 080516
unhinged (yeah me too ls. i've taken a vow against meaningless_sex but there are other ways of touching that not many people around here seemed to be interested in. i wish i could find a junior high school like make_out buddy. my wishes always seem to be too much to ask for, unfortunately) 080516
Lemon_Soda I like hugs, haircuts, close dancing,snuggling, and walking down the street holding hands.

I love massaging peoples entire bodies and being massaged in return.
dafremen I hope you have clean habits. Otherwise, with those hobbies..you could very well become the Typhoid Mary of the 21st Century. 080602
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